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About us

Brain circuit

Software development, according to us

For us, software development is a group effort that we value highly.
As developers, we appreciate the joy and success of our customers, the positive feedback we receive. That is the reason why we do it in the first place.
As project managers we are motivated to achieve satisfaction, a good working atmosphere and efficiency are our goals.
As business analysts, our goal is to get feedback that the delivery is exactly what was requested, while still making sure the developer enjoys their job.
Our DevOps and Support team is constantly looking for the latest solutions to keep raising the bar for setting and running services in the Kubernetes environment.

What is UDEMX, indeed?

UDEMX is nothing else than our IT professional workshop, based on the company founded in 2009 (formerly MX Net Kft.), whereas we decided to renew the name after the merger with DnDSyS Europe kft in 2020. The aim of our workshop is to ensure continuous professional development through self-education and practical executions in order to improve the quality level of services for our valuable customers who trust us to find solutions to their problems.