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We protect your data so that routine data flow is not interrupted

We provide services on network security and network technologies

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What is UDEMX, indeed?

UDEMX is nothing else than our IT professional workshop based on the company established back in 2009 (formerly MX Net Kft.), whereas we decided to renew the name after the merger with DnDSyS Europe kft in 2020. The goal of our workshop is ensuring the continuous professional growth via self-education and practical executions to improve the quality level of the services towards our precious clienture that trusts us to find solutions to their problems.


Our solutions

We offer the newest solutions for our partners with high quality, user-friendly, effective and sustainable products.
Unique software development and support
We desire such solutions which improve efficiency and productivity in the short term - additional cost savings in the long term.
Unique mobile software development and support
Via our iOS és Android applications in Native or Flutter make workflows, productions flow faster and more efficient. We aim to make the lives of ordinary people better too, with the likes of our StafetApp.
Unique DevOps, SecOps and Ops services
Building and running/operating highly safe Kubernetes cluster with infrastructure as code solutions to support business processes. That's just what we do.
IT project and/or division controlling
Are you facing an inefficient IT department or losses on IT projects? Ongoing development with no end? Do you feel that you are alone against the developers? We can help you to better orient yourself, to understand the situation.
IT project management and analysis
Are you concerned about problems in the project? Are you out of tools to make your developers efficient? No one to oversee and manage your project? We can help!
Legacy system audit, support and development
Our team of experts can understand and either expand or correct your legacy system being in place for a while, should it be Delphi, C++ or languages coming from similar times.

Our partners

We provide full support taking into account the needs of our customers.
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